Hospital nurses are one of the most important components of any functioning healthcare facility, and perform a wide variety of tasks in the hospital. Usually these registered nurses will work in one area of a hospital, such as surgery or oncology, and provide care and medical treatment to patients in that area. They monitor patients for signs of improvement or increased symptoms, diet and physical exercise, as well as provide medications at times and in dosages specified by a physician. Additionally, they are qualified to provide some information to patients, such as strategies following a procedure on how to become more independent. Since the duties of a registered hospital nurse are so versatile, the quality of a hospital’s nursing staff is of crucial importance.

Hospital nurses have a variety of other tasks which they may be engaged in, since they are the largest component of a nursing staff at a hospital. They may assist in operating medical equipment, perform certain diagnostic tests as well as analyze their results, and collect medical histories. With certain specialized training and certification, hospital nurses may be able to provide certain diagnoses or therapies, or even prescribe medications without having to defer to a doctor. Other hospital nurses may be involved in community outreach programs such as helping to operate free immunization clinics, health screenings for certain diseases or conditions, and blood drives. Other possible duties involve advising and helping licensed practical nurses or nursing aides, or educating the public on infectious diseases.

Nurse Advertising In the past, hospitals may have used text-based advertising, such as in phonebooks, to draw patients there by mentioning the quality of their nursing staff, or even to attract hospital nurses to careers there. However, this is somewhat an archaic approach to a field as reliant on high-tech methods as the healthcare industry. Since many patients do research on the Internet before deciding on a hospital to go to for a procedure or treatment, nurse advertising online is a much better way to reach a large amount of potential clients for a fraction of the cost of print ads. Using search engine optimization (SEO) is a highly effective way to draw patients towards a hospital website based on the high caliber of the registered nurses touted there, or even to let great quality nurses know about a new position opening up at the facility