Advertising for Medical TranscriptionWhen it comes to the marketing strategies and methods used for a medical transcriptionist field and for doctors and hospitals, there are a few different ways one can go about this. Generally, doctors may use local classified ads when they are looking for a medical transcriptionist, or rely on the hospital or healthcare company they work for to provide one. The newspaper ads are helpful, but there is not enough room to add additional vital information. A person who is interested in working as a transcriptionist in the medical field might thumb through the yellow pages or looking at medical employment websites. Nowadays, a lot of doctors and hospitals use Internet marketing to get the word out about services that are offered, and they have websites with career information and links so that a medical transcriptionist can apply for a job right online. Resumes can be sent electronically now, too. These newest ways of medical transcription marketing and communicating are time and money savers.