marketing new constructionMasonry is a trade that involves new construction or repair of walls for buildings, monuments, chimneys, fireplaces, mantles and other structures made of bricks or stones and mortar. The most used masonry materials are brick, stone, marble, granite, travertine, limestone, concrete, glass and tile. Durability of structures that are formed in masonry is a vital part of this field of work. The mortar needs to be long-lasting and sound, and the brick masons need to know what they are doing.

In the US, there are approximately 60,000 concrete and masonry contractors and businesses operating at a combined $70 billion per year in revenue. No specific companies govern this industry, making it very competitive for work.

Some more common masonry practices are concrete blocks and brick blocks. When these are used, the compressive strength is better. These methods of masonry are a better match to formations with weightless sloping when the centers stay packed. Masonry involves the thought of thermal mass and what is used to make sure that structures offer comfort for every season or for consumers that are using solar systems will play an important part of choosing materials for each job. The brick and concrete blocks seem to offer better comfort to people, no matter what season it is, and it offers assistance for those who have solar systems.

The masonry industry includes a variety of structural materials, such as dry set, cinder blocks, rebar, glass block, brownstone  and mortar. Aesthetic styles that enhance the look of a brick home or building include veneer, rusticity, serpentine, stone masonry (also known as ashlar masonry), solid masonry and brickwork. Those using these materials and methods must also be well versed in A-jacks, building codes and industry standards. Training for masonry can take up to four years, usually acquired by becoming an apprentice. Stone masonry has been the most popular field in the contracting industry and is one of the oldest trades known. The demand for masons is always very high.

Masonry Marketing
New construction marketing, as with any business, will be a key part of the business plan. If a business still uses traditional marketing methods to get the word out about whatever the company offers, it may be less effective than it used to be. Masonry marketing is often done with methods like vehicle door magnets or graphics, T-shirts and sweatshirts with a company name or logo on them, hats, lawn signs and business cards. These methods did work well for some time, but now that the world is faster-paced and other methods are easily accessed, these ways of masonry contractor advertising seem to be going unnoticed by most people.

A brick mason should consider the marketing options that are available in the modern times and consider Internet advertising. Online marketing offers results through pay-per-click advertising campaigns and search engine positioning. When done correctly, it creates more exposure than traditional marketing methods do.