DJ AdvertisingAs traditional media changes, many households are switching over to online streaming radio stations and pre-recorded television shows rather than simply listening to the radio or sitting down to watch a television program. This shift actually allows for more opportunities for announcers that can’t find work with major networks, providing opportunities with independent stations, podcasts, and video-casts. Potential announcers no longer have to work locally, but can telecommute, recording their programs straight onto their computers.

The decline in viewers and listeners through traditional avenues has forced stations and networks to find their audiences online, even if it is to remind them to tune in to a program offline. Social networking sites allow easy access to potential listeners and provide those listeners with a place to comment and feel connected. Placing ads on streaming music sites can catch the attention of audience members who might be currently listening to something similar and could be interested in a relevant show. Marketing radio announcers to specific music genre websites can also catch new users, and the international streaming capabilities create endless possibilities, not limited by local program listings.