Marketing for the computer and electronics industry has always been done with the use of traditional methods, like newspaper ads and newspaper columns, computer magazines and mail order catalogs. Then some companies moved their marketing to TV ads and radio ads. A lot of companies used bigger companies for their electronics advertising strategies, like wholesalers and resellers. These methods worked for a few years and still do for some companies, but now it takes longer to get results. Marketing methods need to be sufficient and cost-effective ones.

Statistics show that one place where people are searching is on the Internet. People are also building personal and business websites, looking at products, reading about services and communication on the Internet. The biggest majority of the US is using the Internet for most of their wants and needs, especially computer and electronics products. They can find computer and electronics companies and items right on the Internet, within a matter of seconds or moments, depending on the Internet speed they have. Most people have high speed Internet or DSL nowadays, so they find things very fast. It only makes sense that a computer and electronics business person would consider trying the Internet for marketing, too.

Computer and electronics businesses can communicate with people anywhere in the US, or in other countries if they choose to, and they can sell their products to people anywhere in the world, right over the Internet. Websites can be established in a matter of minutes and Internet marketing computer and electronics companies offer all the tools that a business person needs so that he or she can build a website with ease, fast, and it will not cost them a fortune. There are many possibilities with Internet marketing. A great benefit to this type of marketing, compared to yellow page and newspaper ads, or paying for postage of mail order catalogs, is that a business can operate right at home or at the office and not have to travel as often. Computer and electronics companies can also connect with other businesses and buy supplies that they need to operate the business.