Advertising Landscaping With landscaping advertising, one can use marketing strategies in a variety of ways. If the landscaper has their own business, marketing campaigns used can describe what types of landscaping the company does, whether commercial, industrial, residential or municipal. Also important to tell potential customers is what size jobs they perform, what types of jobs and how many years of experience they have in the industry. He or she can use landscaper marketing to show a portfolio of pictures in it from previous work.

There are many options available for marketing a landscaping business. Most folks have used phone book ads, business cards and flyers. Word of mouth has always been successful, as have lawn signs. Many landscape, design and maintenance companies will offer discounts for clients that allow a promotional sign in the yard.

Consumers want things at their fingertips, and they want more information. They love to be able to look at photos of work that a landscaper has done, and this can be done online. Whether through paid advertising or organic listings, landscape and design companies need to be visible on Internet search engines. The person who does landscaping for a living that is not already doing this needs to change some methods of marketing and move to a higher paced part of the world, such as the Internet, if the company wishes to stay on top of this market and catch the attention of all the consumers who are searching for this type of work to be done.