advertising insurance agenciesInsurance advertising has been done traditionally by phone or by mail. For many years this method worked well for assurance policy agencies until the competition grew. Now, consumers are not so willing to talk to someone that calls them on the phone, because consumers are not sure if this is really an agency calling or someone who is trying to commit fraud. The same thing happens with mail marketing. Consumers do not know who these companies are, as most items that come in the mail do not offer enough information about the insurance companies, and there is a lack of trust toward the advertiser.

The place where most consumers are now looking for policies and companies that offer them is now on the Internet. People love the fact that they can sit on the computer, comfortably, and search in a fast manner, and they can find hundreds of companies to choose from. They can do their own research and choose what suits them best.

When search engine marketing and paid advertising on the Internet are used by insurance carriers and companies, from auto and life to health and homeowner’s, people can find out a lot more about potential policies and coverage. Internet marketing is becoming very popular and there are many insurance agencies already established online, and they are being found by many more people. Are you?