Floriculture Marketing When a horticulturalist provides products to consumers, they will have a few areas of interest to consider. These can be added to marketing strategies. One key to marketing is to have ideas that attract customers. Think like consumers. If a vegetable grower is only marketing to sell the product and doesn’t mention the great reasons as to why they grow these gardens, chances are the marketing will not be as effective. The same thing goes for where marketing and advertising are done. If a horticulturist only wants to reach people in local areas and is happy with the success scale it brings, then traditional horticulture marketing and advertising methods may work. If the horticulturalist wants to reach more people, sell more products, teach others about horticulture and/or help the environment, they should consider some modern techniques of marketing, like Internet marketing.

Internet marketing opens up many new doors for any business owner, especially one who is all for going green and saving the environment. When people look through yellow page ads or in the classified ads of local newspapers, they can find horticulturalists, but the ads do not give them as much information as quickly, so most folks have focused more on the Internet.