Advertising Employment AgencyYears ago, there were brick and mortar temp agency locations where people could go and interview for positions, pick up and drop off time sheets. A temporary agency would open up for business and begin marketing job placement, using yellow page ads, local newspaper ads and the classified ads to spread the word about this new business, working for employers and targeting employees. Telemarketing and passing out flyers and business cards were standard marketing practices for temporary agencies. As the years passed by, the industry grew in both popularity and competition. Within the past decade, the temporary employment agency has found its place on the Internet. Resumes, applications and availability and time sheets for employees can be submitted through online portals. This reduces the amount of time spent on administrative items, leaving more time for job hunting or other activities. Employers can fill out requests and submit paperwork through websites as well.

While each temporary agency basically does the same thing for employers and those seeking jobs, they may specialize in different types of jobs. Some may be geared more toward unskilled labor, executive positions, industrial work or health care positions. This is why employment agency advertising is not only very important, but must be done to remain successful. There are two groups that must be targeted – the employee and the employer – and the demographics are broad. Since there is even more competition for a temporary agency now, businesses need to use different marketing strategies to reach more people. Some companies still use the traditional methods for marketing, but many temp agencies have moved to Internet marketing. Businesses realize that many job seekers are looking on the Internet for jobs and for a temporary agency in their job search. A lot of companies are already on the Internet, marketing the temporary agency and listing all of the criteria each employee needs to meet for job assignments. Some companies even show the job seeker how to write a resume or what to say in an interview.

If a temporary agency is not online yet, they should consider the possibilities that are available for employment agency marketing strategies. Building a professional website and starting to use article marketing for new advertising techniques can help a temporary agency reach hundreds or thousands of people who are seeking work and many more employers who do not have the time to find employees on their own. Pay-per-click ad campaigns are especially helpful because they can be targeted to specific industries for employers and employees through keyword searches. Internet marketing offering strategies that are more effective than Yellow Page ads and that reach more people. These options give a business owner the opportunity to add even more vital information to the marketing ads or web pages.