Dry Cleaning AdvertisingIn recent years, dry cleaning businesses have suffered due to the increase in clothing that can be laundered at home. Some garments labeled dry clean only qualify to be laundered in the dryer at home with special over-the-counter items. Another factor is the decline in the manufacture and purchase of outfits that require dry-cleaning. While most dry cleaners cater to special fabrics, some now do regular laundry services as well to bolster sales. To increase the customer base, different types of marketing are required. Direct mail marketing, especially coupon packs, has been a traditionally successful way for dry cleaning services to attract clientele. Zip codes can be targeted through both mail and newspaper advertising.

A new twist in local marketing for dry cleaners is local Internet advertising. Social media and local pay-per-click advertising for dry cleaning businesses is becoming more useful. With a higher return on investment for the dry- cleaning industry over many others, clients can find the services and discounts they seek through online advertising. Typing in a local search for dry cleaners is likely to bring up both organic and paid advertising listings for a business that takes the time to market to people looking for very specific services.

Social media and online coupon sites are both popular means of promoting the business and the brand. Coupons or discounts can promote a dry-cleaning advertising campaign that encourages people to bring in a certain number of garments and have one dry cleaned for free. Alternatively, one week might offer a discount on suits, while another might discount dresses. By developing an online marketing strategy, dry cleaners can find the Internet methods that suit them best and help improve their bottom line.