Dermatology Advertising How does one begin marketing dermatology? Traditionally, some commonly used methods of dermatology advertising are telephone book ads, television ads and business cards. Those in the medical field have used these methods for several years, investing a lot of time and money on these marketing methods. Years ago, these methods and other methods that were used worked great, too, like promotional pens or calendars that had dermatology practice names and phone numbers on them. These methods are becoming less effective as people stop reading newspaper and using telephone books. If the ads worked great, at first, and then stopped working, a dermatologist’s practice must think about this and change the marketing plan.

Marketing dermatology has simply switched channels. A lot of businesses have moved their marketing to online methods. This has allowed businesses and consumers to find each other more easily, and it is quite accommodating for many folks. Online marketing methods for dermatologists include article marketing and blogs about different treatments for skin diseases and acne. This is a great tool, as those with problems can read about them and find their way to the dermatologist’s website. Social media marketing is also effective, as those on social sites can click on links and find their way to Facebook, Twitter and other accounts with information about the practice.