Advertising College Planning ConsultantFor college planning marketing, consultants have relied mostly on networking and referrals in order to spread the word about their services in the past. They get to know school counselors, coaches, college administrators and faculty, and use those connections to further their business.

Now that social networking has become such a significant aspect in the way that people connect from day to day, planning consultants have found that they too must cultivate relationships with both other professionals and prospective student clients online. Social media provides an easy way to connect directly with students who are already joining groups on these websites dedicated to colleges they are looking into. Reaching parents is a key goal, since many parents will be funding at least in part their child’s education, and although social media sites are growing in a parent’s age demographic, article marketing proves to be a better way to target them. Distributing articles on admissions tactics or advice for essay writing, consultants can easily build links to their websites and be found easily by search engines. Targeting industry-related keywords will help search engines not only index their articles and websites, but can send much more qualified traffic to their sites and increase their revenue.