Childcare MarketingCaretakers and establishments have traditionally depended on advertising and marketing childcare through word of mouth, and the same applies today. In the past, many families and friends would take their children to the same places and in return, recommend the facility to more acquaintances. Some caretakers would even go door-to-door, telling neighborhood families about their services. Spreading the word has now become easier to do on a larger scale by advertising childcare. Not only is it one of the most inexpensive ways to market a business, but with localized online networks, it has become much simpler for parents and families to find the perfect center for their children by visiting websites, reading online reviews, and watching virtual tours before ever making a trip to visit. Due to the fact that watching someone’s child for long periods of time requires a lot of trust, establishing an online reputation and creating a sense of transparency and openness will make clients feel more comfortable.