Searching for cars and trucks on the internet is replacing the old method of relying on print, radio and television. It is not enough to simply rank well for the name of your dealership (these are people who already know about you). The real benefit comes when your site ranks well for various search terms describing your specific makes and models, as well as your geographic location (such as “Toyota dealership in Gainesville” or “Chicago Lexus dealer”). Make sure your website is listed above your competitors!

Car Dealer Advertising for Automotive Dealers
Besides improving your search engine rankings, our services also include submitting your website to automotive related directories and websites and writing and submitting press release(s) about your practice to hundreds of online news-related websites. Based on our years of experience, industry knowledge, number of clients, a full time automotive marketing company does nothing but search engine positioning, our proven track record and overall customer satisfaction/renewal rates, we easily rank as one of the top Search Engine Positioning firms in the country and we have proven success working with automotive dealers. We focus strictly on ethical, search engine friendly methods and steer clear of techniques that are frowned upon by Google, Yahoo & Bing.