Book Printer AdvertisingThe book industry has suffered over the last few years due to the decrease in traditional media purchases worldwide. So much available content is online that many publishing companies are looking into e-book formats. Self publishing has also become more popular, giving the author more control over how the book is edited, distributed, marketed and advertised. Authors can also choose whether or not they want their book to be distributed in traditional print format, or as a downloadable e-book to be purchased online. Self-publishing companies usually operate largely through the Internet, and many companies might use the same printing plant for actually producing the literature.

Due to the online shift, printing and publishing companies have joined Internet marketing forces in many cases to increase their revenue and keep the industry alive. The customers are obviously online, and reaching out to an audience where they are has proved to be extremely important with publisher marketing. Promoting an upcoming release from a publisher online by targeting genre readers through social networks and search engines helps ensure that the traffic coming to a printer’s website is qualified. Many companies have also found value in utilizing paid advertisements, not only on search engines for relevant keywords, but on industry blogs and forums. Lots of writers workshop communities have developed online, and a large number of those authors are interested in eventually publishing and distributing their works in some way, whether online through a self-publisher or with a traditional printing company.