When online book sellers started to be successful, some industry gurus who watch bookstores predicted their demise. Very happily, these experts were wrong.

While some bookstores have closed in the last decade, many chain bookstores as well as independent book sellers continue to do very robust business through effective book advertising. Book sales through brick and mortar bookstores continue to be very high. This is partly because bookstores have learned the value of repositioning themselves in the market. Book AdvertisingIn addition to selling their standard product catalog, which traditionally included best-sellers, new books from the top publishers, magazines, as well as a good supply of classics, most book sellers now feature a vast array of products beyond their large selection of books.

Once known for advertising through newspapers and the Yellow Pages, bookstore owners now look to the Internet for marketing a book, or specifically book seo services. It is now possible to sell books through e-commerce to people thousands of miles away.