Advertising Bed and BreakfastBed and breakfast inns are becoming even more popular now than they were just a short time ago. As of the end of the year 2009, there were approximately 20,000 bed and breakfast inns in the US. The annual revenue for this combined industry shows that all bed and breakfast inns brought in approximately $4 billion last year. Most of these bed and breakfast inns are owned and controlled by sole proprietors and are not affiliated with any other businesses like theirs. This industry can also be referred to as the lodging industry. Most inns like these offer rooms to rent and will make their guests breakfast and serve the breakfast right in the kitchen. Some places might bring breakfast to a guest’s room, as well.

Bed and breakfast owners depend on consumers and their personal income levels for profits. Some things that effect an inn include how many vacancies a business has in the home, where it is located and how efficient or unique it is. A smaller business has to make sure that they have excellent customer service skills and amazing food, with plenty of references from previous visitors so that they can remain in the spotlight. The larger bed and breakfast establishments tend to hire a few employees to work for them who earn at least $50,000 per year for each employee. Most small establishments will generally run the bed and breakfast inn without hiring others to help them.

Anyone can open up a bed and breakfast establishment if they own a home that has at least 3 extra bedrooms, get the proper licenses and permits from their state and town, acquire a special type of homeowners insurance for landlords and pass a health inspection from the state’s health department. A lot of people are opening up quaint businesses like this when they retire, so that they can have an additional retirement income and have some companionship with other people here and there. People that open bed and breakfast inns generally love people, are great at socializing, and like to cook and clean.

Bed and Breakfast Inn Positioning
When it comes to the bed and breakfast advertising, there are a couple of things to consider mentioning to consumers when the marketing kicks off. One very important thing for consumers, in regard to traveling to a bed and breakfast inn, will be what the gas prices are in that area and along the path that they will travel. This is a great thing to mention when a business begins marketing. Smaller bed and breakfast business owners will only have so much money that they can invest in marketing, so they might try to find the least expensive methods. This might include placing ads on the paper placemats at local restaurants, ads in the local newspapers, or they might try to depend on word of mouth. These methods will work for some places, as long as there is not any other bed and breakfast inn nearby. Competition is one of the reasons why some businesses begin to fail and give up, but they do not have to fail or give up.

What if there were some modern marketing techniques for bed and breakfasts that cost less and ones that reach a lot more people? There are some marketing methods just like that, and they are on the Internet. A bed and breakfast inn that is smaller needs to have a cost-effective way to get the word out, and they need to reach more people, and reach people faster. Imagine being able to market the inn to people who live in other states. This is entirely possible over the Internet. One might think that spreading the wings of marketing out this far will cost a pretty penny and there might be some skepticism about whether it really is as effective as they are hearing. When done properly, it works and works well.

A bed and breakfast inn needs to keep people coming in so that the bills can get paid, especially the homeowners insurance, so if other methods have not been working well, it might be time to try something new. It is recommended that a business try one thing at a time when they begin Internet marketing. This way, they can see how it works and gets a feel for the cyber marketing aspect. Most will already have a website. It should include the words bed and breakfast into the name of the business. When a business is named Betty’s Home, no one will find that on the Internet, but if it is called Betty’s Bed and Breakfast, lots of people will find it when they are looking for a bed and breakfast inn. Search engine marketing, also called search engine marketing (SEO) is a big part of finding clientele. Knowing what consumers are looking for and thinking about when they are planning trips are the basis of Internet marketing and must be used in order for it to be successful.