Marketing audiologyIf audiologists wish to increase their practice, they have more than likely been stepping up the marketing plans for the business. The most widely used methods of marketing have always been newspaper ads, TV ads and radio ads. Why have these been the most widely used? These forms of marketing are familiar to most people, businesses and consumers. People believe that local newspapers, TV commercials or radio commercials are trustworthy, right? Certainly, this has always been the case with marketing and with consumers searching. Within the past few years, though, these methods have slowly decreased in numbers of people using them for marketing and in people using them to find businesses. Just a few short years ago, statistics were performed to see how marketing methods were working and to see how many people used them. The statistics showed a decrease of at least 10% in people buying newspapers alone.

Where has audiology marketing gone to? Most people have found a faster and easier method of searching for an audiologist and other things like products. This method of searching has been happening for a few years, but increasing on a daily basis. The Internet is the most used form of searching that consumers do now. Many audiology practices have moved their audiologist marketing to the Internet, as well, and not just to sell their hearing loss or hearing test services to consumers, but to market their medical devices, as well.

What are people searching for on the Internet from an audiologist? They are searching for a reputable doctor who can give them a hearing test and improve their hearing loss. Some are searching for help with tinnitus or hearing aids. When it comes to marketing now, an audiologist use many marketing techniques and reach many more people, while saving money on marketing.