Advertising ArchaeologistsArchaeologist marketing is traditionally done by press releases and articles, in local or regional newspapers and magazines. These methods allow them to advertise their services and their discoveries. Press releases can take some time to complete, though, and they can cost a lot of money. They have to be marketed properly, too.

Nowadays, there is a simpler and more cost effective marketing method for press releases and other marketing techniques for archaelogists. The Internet marketing methods that are used work more efficiently. An archaeologist can build a website and show the entire world new discoveries. The website can be set up like a newspaper and/or magazine, and it can have news articles on it and press releases. Many people are interested in what the modern day archaeologist is doing.

Through search engine optimization (SEO), people can find the archaeologist’s website and learn more about what they are doing. Anyone needing a scientist can see what they are doing. While this may be done through an employer or as an individual, an archaeologist can save time and money, plus reach hundreds more people by moving the marketing to the Internet.