collectibles marketing Antiques dealers used to depend on word of mouth or print publications for advertising – building a reputation in their community for consistently selling authentic merchandise. Purchasing such fine possessions used to be reserved for the wealthy, but with the development of online auctions in recent years, almost anyone can find an antique they are looking for at an affordable price. Vintage merchandise buyers and sellers have migrated to the Internet for antiques advertising, opening up an international range of goods that would have been extremely difficult to find in shops and storefronts before. With the shift towards the web, however, it is crucial for these dealers to make their online presence known so they don’t get lost in the crowd.

Some strategies for reaching customers include creating forums where potential customers can communicate and ask questions freely about merchandise, advertising on search engines and optimizing websites for key search times related to their specific collectible category, and connecting with other antique lovers through social networks. Antiques are no longer something at the shop in town, but something that can be found online through local search or discovered in another part of the country through Internet advertising and shipped to its new owner.