Cartoonist Advertising

Animators used to have to rely on the studios they worked with for cartoonist advertising, but the rise in independent video has given these artists a chance to market themselves. It is increasingly important for an animation studios and individual cartoonists to have a solid web presence in order to thrive. Many animators are finding that it is advantageous not to simply advertise their capabilities and art, but to offer a service as well, such as tutorials, or merchandise design.

Creating branded merchandise like T-shirts or tote bags can even help promote an animator once people begin purchasing and wearing it. Advertising for animators can easily go viral for animators on social networking sites and video sharing portals, since the amount of online videos being viewed has risen drastically over the past year, and animation naturally lends toward films or shorts. Forums also allow animators to upload videos and .gif files of their artwork for others to see, while including links back to their main website for more information.