Most adoption companies formerly used marketing techniques like advertising in local or national magazines. They would write articles or advertorials the magazines. Other methods that were generally used for marketing adoption were running ads in newspapers or in the Yellow Pages. A non-profit business cannot spend a whole lot of money on marketing, though, and these traditional methods were not as effective and were costing each company more money than they were getting for results, so they had to find other ways to advertise their services.

Adoption AdvertisingEven though the states and the government have sent out many forms of assistance so that teenage girls would not get pregnant at such a young age, this is still happening a lot. An adoption agency needs to use marketing techniques to reach these young women, and to reach the parents of these teens. Marketing campaigns need to work well and be effective enough to reach these troubled teens and their parents, as well as reach out to those couples who want a baby and are unable to have one of their own. Newspaper and telephone book use are on the decline, although the personal ads are still a way for individuals to connect.

Instead, most people are looking on the Internet for answers and for items of interest. Children are a very important part of the world and if a business that is there to help bring together pregnant women, couples and little babies and children, the business needs to reach as many people as possible.

The Internet offers innovative and cost effective methods for adoption marketing. Websites can focus on reaching more people, telling people who the business is, and what they do. An excellent method of Internet marketing is having a website blog chronicling true stories of happy events surrounding adoption, and doing this in a matter of moments. Pay-per-click advertising is another method that adoption agencies should consider. It will give them more traffic to their websites and help increase awareness. A combination of Internet marketing methods is most effective, and should include search engine optimization, viral marketing and article marketing as well.