Increasing Brand Awareness with Content Recommendations


It has become increasingly more important to not only have great content, but to be able to strategically and effectively get your content and your brand name in front of an audience. There are many ways that you can do this from influencer outreach, social media to promotional avenues. You have heard us talk about using StumbleUpon for content promotion, so this time we will focus on how using Outbrain can increase your audience, reach and ultimately boost your brand awareness.

Let’s first talk about the importance of growing your brand’s awareness. Your brand can consist of a variety of aspects.

  • The reputation of your products or services.
  • The identity of your company.
  • How people connect with your company emotionally.
  • The tone and voice of your content.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Your brand means a lot to your company’s success. Take Old Spice for example. Known now by the shirtless man that can turn a phrase like none other was once struggling as a company because they had a brand that wasn’t hitting the right audience. By introducing people to a different style of content and getting it out and in front of as many people as possible, they were able to reinvent their brand perception. What was once a product only your grandpa used, it is now a hugely popular brand millennials love and follow closely.

Brand awareness is the first step of getting people into your sales funnel. At this level of the sales funnel, you want to cast a wide net when promoting your business. In doing this, it assures that you will reach as many people as possible and introduce them to your content.

How can Outbrain help?    

You are creating great content, but you need to do better than you’re currently doing with getting your content in front of the right people. Outbrain is a content discovery platform that allows you to promote your content on various websites that your audience already visits. Your audience is out there on these sites, they are engaging with content that is similar to what you are putting out there. Doesn’t it make sense to tack it right onto the bottom of the page that they just finished reading? It would look a little something like this –

CM Outbrain example


The numbers are in your favor if you are thinking about using Outbrain for this purpose. They have a vast network of well-known sites with huge amounts of traffic. Traffic that you may not be able to reach with your current promotion strategy. You have the opportunity to tap into an audience who may not have heard of you brand before. Here’s a snapshot of the Outbrain audience reach:

With that much reach; adding your content into their rotation allows it to be served up to the right people.  You can share your content with people who are already interested in what you are talking about and you can potentially grow your reach exponentially.

You can give your content the best chance possible for being successful by making sure it’s properly optimized. In addition, be sure to run a few A/B tests to see what is working and not working. When it comes to Outbrain, here are a few insider tips to help:

Outbrain by the numbers
  • Make sure you are adding titles to your content that makes people want to click and read.
  • You can test different titles as well as pictures in Outbrain to see which ones are getting more clicks and can even cause your costs to drop.
  • The more your audience is interested the less you will have to pay for each click.

Getting your brand out there and in front of the right audience can be a challenge. But, after you invest all of your time creating content and fine-tuning your messaging, it’s best to have a strategy in place to promote that content and introduce it to an engaged audience. Leveraging a tool like Outbrain, is just one method to do so. If you’re looking for more resources to help promote your brand, let us help!

Happy Marketing.