Google Webmaster Tools has Changed

Google Changes Webmaster Tools

What’s Happening?

Don’t start panicking yet, Google has decided to change the name of Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console. This is a smart move on Google’s behalf to get more people involved with their brand and better understand the platform. In case you didn’t know, Webmaster Tools(WMT) allows business owners, entrepreneurs, start-ups, webmasters, and marketing teams to better understand their website. The tools featured meta data reports, search term traffic, referral site links, and so much more. It was designed as a tool for webmasters, but it offers so much more.

Time for Change

Google Search Console

Webmasters are not the only people that Google wants to be involved with correcting the problems that WMT has specified for your website. For all those who are familiar with the tools and resources in WMT, rest assured – everything is still there! Nothing has even been added to really make a name change worth it. For that fact nothing at all has been added, but with how much they update and change I am predicting some sort of addition is coming our way soon.

So, welcome new Google Search Console users and please don’t be afraid to ask any questions or look here for how to use this wonderful resource that is Webmaster Tools the Search Console.