Think Twice Before Believing Websites
like or

Customer Magnetism (along with tens of thousands of other companies) have fallen victim to made-up bogus “reviews” that have been posted on sites like We have yet to find one negative review on Customer Magnetism that appears to be from an actual customer (current or past). We have also yet to find a single negative review that included a real name or a real company attached to the complaint.  We’ve even seen cases where someone wrote multiple complaints about us and a number of our competitors and each of the complaints were exact duplicates of each other (word for word) with the exception of switching out the names of the seo firms.

In addition, it is typically impossible to get these “reviews” removed. You can try to add a rebuttal, but that only adds more unique content which results in making the negative review page rank even higher on the search engines.

FACT: Unlike reputable sites like BBB and Angie’s List, sites like unfortunately allow ANYONE to anonymously say ANYTHING about your company without any kind of proof of who they are or any kind of proof that they were ever really a client of yours.

Here is a quote from their own video on their website:

“In less than five minutes, one ANONYMOUS trouble maker can ruin your online reputation FOREVER causing you to lose existing clients, potential future customers and most importantly money.” (Ref:

By the way, the above mentioned page is pushing their “verified” program which gives you the wonderful opportunity to pay them over a $1,000 per year to fight future complaints from being posted.  Unfortunately existing complaints will continue to stay visible forever.

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For the record we have ZERO complaints on BBB, Angie’s List and other reputable review sites that insist on verifying who you are before making a complaint. We strive above everything to be a white-hat, reputable company who will do our best to help our clients generate a positive return on their investment. That is why our renewal rates, case studies and testimonies are as strong as they are.

To learn more about Customer Magnetism, visit our About Us page or our Accolades page.