Getting to Know CM: Your Team


When talking with clients and potential clients, the one point that we try to make as clear as possible is that CM is now your team. We like to say we are an extension of your marketing team but more than that, we like to be the digital branch of your marketing team. Our ideas should weave throughout your other marketing strategies for the most comprehensive marketing strategy.

How it Works

As you’re going through the process of coming on board with CM, your digital campaign strategist meets with our Director of Project Management and the other department Directors to hand-pick the perfect team for you. Your strategist has been working with you since the beginning and knows how you work, your personalities, and the type of team that could best serve your digital marketing needs.

Internally, we try to match up the right employees for the client based on experience level, industry knowledge, and workload. Our goal is to ensure a seamless transition from signing your contract to launching your first campaign. We want to ensure that the people chosen for your team are going to blend well with the team you already have in place.

Our Team

A little background on our team here at CM. We’re a group of individuals with varied backgrounds, some in agency life, and others on the brand side and some who have been here at CM since its inception. We are all located in Virginia Beach, VA which allows us the opportunity to collaborate on projects. Our office is wide open to foster teamwork and creativity for all clients, whether you’re assigned to them or not! That’s the great thing about CM, even though you have a dedicated team to your account; you have access to an entire office of creative, results-driven, internet-savvy marketers.

Your Team

Your team typically consists of a Project Manager, a Social Media Manager, Content Strategist, Outreach Coordinator and the design team. Your project manager will be your primary point of contact and we match your team up with someone who can cater to your team’s needs and personalities. If  care more about the numbers, or prefers more creativity, or wants a balance of the two, then we have the person for you!

When it comes to social media, is your business focused on LinkedIn? Or Facebook? Or do you need a hefty Instagram campaign to boost your following? Our social media team has various levels of experience across all networks, but based on your social needs, we will assign you the right expert to run your social media campaign.

Our design team is not lacking in skills, so when choosing a designer to be dedicated to your team, we look at your brand, guidelines and typical design style. We see which designer can keep in line with your brand while elevating your style.

Getting Started Together

Your success is our success, and that’s a core goal of your team – make your marketing work for you. And if you’re just getting started with us, check out our Onboarding Process to learn how we kick off your campaign. Now that you know how we choose your team, get to know us a little better and contact us here.