Affordable SEO Packages

Affordable Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

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We get it. As a small business, your marketing budget is very limited. You can’t afford to spend much, yet you know that you need to do something. We offer a line of online marketing services that are specifically designed for small businesses who need real results but don’t have a ton of money to spend.

We call these local SEO services our ‘Launch’ division as they are designed to launch some serious growth in your business and provide you with a never ending supply of highly qualified leads.

Our ‘Launch’ options for Small Businesses include:

  • SEO & Local SEO Services (a one-time cost that will greatly increase your traffic for years)
  • PPC Management (Google, Bing and Social Ads)
  • Content Marketing (improves rankings and generates compound traffic growth)
  • Social Media Marketing (we will help you build a following and then push them to your site)
  • Website Redesigns (affordable finance options)
  • and Monthly Reporting to track your progress.

What should you be spending on Marketing?

According to recent surveys from Gartner and the AMA, the average business today is spending approximately 10.2% of its gross revenue on marketing. With evidence that companies who grew quickly used a higher percentage.

Using a ballpark 10% equation, you can estimate what your marketing budget should be by using the table below:

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Our fees are more affordable than you might think.

Fill out the form below to setup a free consultation call (typically between 15-30 minutes). And we will then be able to learn more about your business, your goals and be able to build you a custom 12-month proposal at no cost or obligation.