Why Chasing #1 Is No Longer Relevant


It was the most popular question for our sales team a few years ago and quite frankly, we still get the questions “how will this help me rank better?” Now, I’m not saying that your Google rankings are no longer important (because they do matter) – but you should not focus solely on your rankings when there are so many other factors that can affect the success of your business. Chasing that ever-desired #1 spot was imperative to your business in the past, but now, you have options.

Option 1: Create Great Content

It may seem like a given, but creating great content is going to help your business. What do I mean by great content?

  • Content that answers your target audience’s questions
  • Content that fills a need that they have.
  • Content that showcases your authority in your industry

Whether you consider content a blog post, a white paper, or even a social post – put some thought into what you’re saying. Your content should offer value to both your current customers and potential customers. When you create great content and engage with your customers, it can start a lasting relationship with them and convert them into loyal customers who keep coming back.

Option 2: Find the Right Owned Channels

Ranking #1 in Google is definitely important and while you can do everything in your power to try and get to that coveted spot, ultimately, it’s not something you can control. However, finding other channels to showcase your brand can be beneficial to your business as well. What do we mean by owned channels? These are channels that you can have most, if not all control over such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and review sites like Yelp.

How can these help your business?

  • Allows you to directly engage with your customers in a two-way conversation
  • Customers can leave reviews and testimonials for potential customers to read
  • You can control the content that is shared (for the most part)

The real benefit from having these channels is the direct connection you have with your customers. They can ask questions and get a response from you directly, or even better than that – other customers can respond on your behalf! The two-way conversation is something that being ranked as #1 does not provide you.

Option 3: Engage with Customers

We’ve touched upon the importance of engaging with customers through your owned channels, but there are other ways to do that in addition than social networks. For example:

  • Send out a monthly newsletter to start the conversation with customers
  • Host a webinar to encourage live Q&A sessions
  • Attend offline events or trade shows to connect with your customers in person

Sometimes, we forget that some of the best form of marketing is word-of-mouth marketing. So, if you can get out there and interact with your customers, create relationships and develop long-lasting customers, then you’re on your way to having brand ambassadors. Customers who love your brand, understand the value of your business or service are going to be one of your strongest marketing tools out there, so don’t forget about them!

Option 4: Test, Analyze, Edit

Okay, this really isn’t an option – but it’s crucial to your success. Some of these options may work for your business and others may not. It requires some testing, analyzing and then revising your strategy to find success. Trying to rank #1 on Google can still be one of your goals, but it should not be what you base your success on. You can see a great return on investment if you spend some time developing your social following, creating great content and really engaging with your customers. But, don’t get stuck in your ways – stay on top of trends and analyze what is and is not working for you to continue to see results.

Overall, chasing the #1 spot on Google is definitely not a BAD thing. But, there are other ways to be successful and we don’t want you to forget that. We’re here to help with what you need to get your business in front of the right people!