YouTube Testing Out New Features

In the ever-changing online world, YouTube decided to put some new ideas to the test.  Experiment they did, and they’ve been testing out some new search features these past few weeks.

First, they changed the loading progress display.  Therefore, when you click a video to view, a red progress bar will appear at the top while the video is loading.  This will let you know when your video is about to be ready to watch.

Take a look at it in action:

Additionally, the video search query will remain in the search box as you enjoy the video.

Also, YouTube is now generating a list of other search suggestions when you click on the search box again after finishing whatever you initially were looking at.  This is more than likely determined by what the title of the video you watched was.

To experience the new features for yourself, follow the instructions here.

In the midst of all of this testing, some users are seeing a strange warning message at the top of their page mentioning confidential searches.  Huh?

youtube1YouTube assures us, however, that it’s not a problem and that there’s nothing to see here…  Hmmmm.

What do you think of the YouTube experiments that are currently being tested?  Can you think of anything else they should be testing out?

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Sydney Banks

Sydney Banks is one of the Social Media Coordinators at Customer Magnetism. She spends her days in the office strategizing social media content, managing ad campaigns, and generating reports. Away from work, she stays busy entertaining an active Golden Retriever and being a wife and mom. She is only slightly obsessed with Minions and it’s not unusual to see minion paraphernalia close by at all times.