YouTube Analytics Dashboard Gets An Upgrade

Curious to know how many views your YouTube video has generated in the last few days or even within the last hour? Visit your YouTube channel’s analytics dashboard today to find out.

As of last week, YouTube introduced “Real-Time Analytics” to make this possible for video publishers. YouTube hopes that the new addition will give publishers an early indication of how well their videos are preforming to help guide video promotion strategy.

Here’s a peak at Customer Magnetism’s real-time report for our History of SEO video. We can see that in the last 2 days our video has been viewed 3 times and in the last hour our video has been viewed zero times:





Then something interesting happened as we typed this post, the real-time report updated to show that our video had been viewed 4 times in the last two days and once within the last hour (most likely from our own click to the video). The real-time report refreshes every 10 seconds.


It will be interesting to see if this new feature influences the amount of marketing dollars devoted to YouTube ad spend, or if it’ll simply enable YouTube creators to obsess over view counts with up-to-the-second data. There’s nothing like updates in real time to keep marketers on top of analytic performance.


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Rio Ziegler

Social Media Manager at Customer Magnetism
When Rio is not whipping up social media content, managing social ads, and analyzing social data, you can find her living in her local gym, pursuing a plethora of random hobbies, and feeding her addiction to salt water as CM’s resident mermaid.