Yahoo & MySpace Traffic Down, Twitter Exploding

According to (as of 8/11/09), Yahoo’s traffic went down last month by 0.68%. also fell by 2.23%. Meanwhile, has grown by nearly one thousand percent over the last year.

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Kurt Noer

Kurt Noer is the CEO and founder of Customer Magnetism. Kurt has a passion to help other business owners grow their business.
  • Lindsay

    It’s a never-ending cycle, it seems. One form of social media will fare well until it gets overrun with people fulfilling agendas and spamming everyone; a new media takes the lead and again this happens. If they’re smart, they’ll keep up their efforts to rid twitter of useless spambots so they can continue providing meaningful content!

  • The MySpace don’t really surprise me. Over the years they have really failed to evolve. They had built a platform that had once worked very well but forget that websites need to change and morph. They are trying now to really implement some nice changes but I think they are just a little too late.

  • Liz

    That’s definitely true, Nick. MySpace missed the SMM boat, but has been updating a lot recently, transforming more into a music platform than a general Social Media network. Check out some recent statistics about Social Media that surprised even us in our new blog post.

  • Facebook has definitely taken a large share of Myspace users away but I don’t think it’s entirely too late for Myspace to make a comeback. In my mind it would probably take a large re-branding campaign. They need to find a way to win back the users that have decided to jump ship. Twitter on the other hand, I truly believe that it’s popularity will be short lived.