Why You Need to Set Up Google Authorship Today

What will Google think of next?  They sure seem to have an answer for everything, and their most recent answer has been Google Authorship. Ring a bell?   You may have read an article online and wondered who wrote what and where you could find more of said mystery person’s work.  With Google Authorship, the days of anonymous works are behind us.  Authorship is the solution to linking a piece of content on the web to the Google Plus profile of the content’s author.  You can now see who wrote the information, and find a link to their Google Plus account, and if the writer is successful and commanding solid social followings they will have the highest equity.

It would look a little something like this:

(From Search Engine Journal)


So, how exactly does Google Authorship benefit you?  Read on, comrades:

SEO Benefits of Authorship

  • When an author gets a relatively good amount of social notice and web traffic, the writer obtains an “Author Ranking” with Google Authorship.  This creates a ranking system to boost the content each writer creates.  Nothing like a little “friendly competition” to motivate relevancy!   As Brian Clark, founder and CEO of Copyblogger, said, “Author Rank has the potential to be the biggest algorithmic signal for the SEO since the hyperlink itself.”

(From The Search Agents)

Get Your Name Out There!

  • How do you go about becoming a relevant writer with a strong social backing? The most obvious answer is to produce high-quality work and stay competitive, and this is true.  You should also work on getting your name out there.  Start by building an authority based on references and credit for your work when you have created or participated in anything.  Google Authorship is a great way to build this accreditation right into the search results page.

More Connection Between the Author and the Audience

  • These days the importance of things like social media, comments, likes, etc. are growing increasingly fast.  It’s one of the most effective ways to create a general online attraction between yourself and your target market. In society today, we certainly are hearing, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”  One way Google Authorship helps with establishing strong connections is by assigning each piece of content to a human author.  This creates a more personal link between the author and the reader.  More personal relationships encourage more frequent interactions and helps generate an environment open to sharing and commenting from readers.
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Sydney Banks

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