Why the TwitterPeek is Such a Super Silly Idea

Finally, it has arrived: the mobile device that simply and straightforwardly “Puts Smart Phones and Twitter Apps to Shame!” Brought to you by Peek, the enterprising company that released an email-only device in 2008 at just $50 a pop (and in the beginning of 2009 offered 5-packs for $150), the TwitterPeek is a sleek, sexy little gadget with a QWERTY keyboard, full-sized screen, and the ability to penetrate the Twitterverse. Armed with “always on” tweet delivery as well as the ability to read AND send tweets, it’s easy to see why TwitterPeek, a Twitter-only device, is the gossip of the interwebz, and the subject of our most recent post.

The TwitterPeek

“Part tool, part toy – 100% Twitter”
100% Twitter? It is for this reason that I am 100% not sold. I mean, the idea of being bound to a device that then tethers me to just one teeny-tiny corner of the social media world just isn’t attractive. Twitter just isn’t that rad. And the craziest part is that the TwitterPeek is marketed as a tool that makes using Twitter on the go a virtual mobile party

…a really, really small party.
…a really, really small party on just one tiny social network.

The even sillier part, in my opinion, is the inference that the TwitterPeek will somehow make Twitter’s mobile use easier for Twitter fanatics, casual users, social media marketers, and everyone in between. First of all, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that there probably aren’t many devices that can’t easily support Twitter, and that’s including devices that aren’t web-enabled. As a matter of fact, Twitter is possible on any SMS-enabled device, so technically, the Nokia 3210 I’ve had in my nightstand for the past 10 years could get the job done.

“But what about those without mobile devices?” you might ask. Ah yes, the elusive social media fans that aren’t too crazy about the idea of mobile devices. Because they exist.

Okay, okay, so let’s say that they do exist. As a matter of fact, it’s you. You love social media, walks on the beach, and rainbows. You have a computer and a walkman but haven’t quite made the leap to a mobile device, and you’re seriously considering purchasing a TwitterPeek. It has absolutely everything you want – you can @mention, DM, and RT – plus (GASP), you can even view Twitpics. They’re even working on displaying full tweets on the home screen! But wait – what about connecting to other social networks on the go – and what about emails and instant messaging and all the other features offered through every other device? You forgo the purchase, mainly because it would be lame.

So who can the TwitterPeek benefit?
This is one I’m still trying to figure out and because the market for this device is so niche, I’d venture to say the device can benefit very few people, especially considering its less than optimal review from PC World. The good news is that the TwitterPeek is reasonably priced at $200 for a lifetime of connectivity and unlimited Tweeting, so there’s really nothing to lose. Except for maybe $200.

  • Leroy Jenkins

    I have 2 of these.

  • Lindsay Martin

    I bet they make fantastic bookends.

  • Bobby

    Twitter Peak is for the birds. I’ll wait for the craigslist phone to hit the market..hahahaah

  • Robert

    Wow, why not just use an iPhone, Pre, or Windows Mobile application? What a waste of resources for the manufacturer and money for anyone stupid enough to buy one. Someone will buy it because it says Twitter in the device description. I can see these going for pennies on the dollar in China.

  • That’s exactly it – pretty much any phone, not just smart phones, give the user the ability to Twitter to their little heart’s content. I am certain that this idea will be short-lived, as will Peek if they don’t start creating more full-featured devices.

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