Why Google Hatin’ On My Peeps?

Recently I have been struggling to get two SEO clients ranking in Google.com for their targeted keywords.  However, both of these sites absolutely kill it in Google.ca.  Why?  Well, for one Client it makes sense, but for the other, I have no idea.

Oh Canada, why do you hurt me so?

Oh Canada

The first client, who is in the recycling industry, is hosted in the US, has a .com domain, but is located in Canada.  However, a majority of their clients are US based businesses.  Most, if not all, of their links are from .com sites and they have some highly authorative .gov links as well.  I mean, from my perspective, there is no reason why they are not ranking in Google.com.  To further add to my confusion, geo targeting in Webmaster Tools is also set to United States.  The only real signal that this is a Canadian company, besides their physical location, is that the domain is registered to a Canadian address.  How important is this signal to the search engines?  Using the Google Data Center Tool, I see this client rank in 3 of the available data centers, but I have yet to see their site in the search results that I see.


The second client, who is in the highly competitive drug rehab industry, was purchased from a Canadian and is now registered and hosted in the US…we are talking a few years here.  However, this site still only ranks in Google.ca for their targeted keywords.  Again, geo targeting is set to United States in Webmaster Tools.  I understand comp levels are different between Google.com and Google.ca, but we are talking about “top 5 rankings” vs. “no where to be found.” 


So, I’d love to hear your ideas on why the big G won’t give these guys the love their sites deserve.  Anyone else have any similar experiences?

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Jeremy Sherman

As the Vice President of Operations, Jeremy Sherman oversees CM’s client service operations, including content marketing, SEO, social media, paid search, and web design & development. He enjoys golfing, spending time with his wife and two dogs and sipping a craft IPA.
  • UPDATE!! “I see this client rank in 3 of the available data centers, but I have yet to see their site in the search results that I see.”

    My recycling industry client is finally ranking on Google.com…I’d like to believe its because of this lovely little blog post 😉

  • Many SEO companies claim that the SEO process can generate profitable traffic. I do not agree to this statement because I think that the issue is far more comprehensive and needs expertise from other professionals, persons who known more than merely the IT business

  • Jeremy

    Hi Anders,
    Thanks for your comment. But I must disagree. Most SEO’s know quite a bit about marketing, hence the term “internet marketing.” Also, how can you say that someone searching for your exact product (via a search engine) does not generate profitable traffic?