Where In the World is Myspace Tom Anderson?


Tom Anderson. You might know him from that one social networking site called Myspace or his globally recognizable profile picture in the white tee. Everyone’s former first friend has accomplished a lot throughout the years inside and outside of Myspace. Ever since the new kids on the block like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat arrived on the scene, Tom’s whereabouts may have crossed your mind once… or twice.

So, exactly where in the world is Tom from Myspace? Don’t fret. We’re here to tell you that Myspace Tom is alive and well, and has done really, really well for himself. Click through the years on the timeline below to find out what that guy on everyone’s Top 8 has been up to.



2003 Myspace is founded– Thomas “Tom” Anderson (born November 8, 1970) is co-founder of the social networking website Myspace with Chris DeWolfe.

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2005 Tom becomes President of Myspace– Myspace caught the attention of Rupert Murdoch, who purchased the site for $580 million, and appointed Tom President.

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2008 Myspace users on the decline– By 2008, Myspace seemed past its prime because Facebook, the new kid on the block, outdid Myspace in terms of users — that June, ComScore reported that Facebook logged 116.4 million unique users, 700,000 more than Myspace.


2009 Tom says goodbye to Myspace Tom leaves Myspace for good. Facebook was more than double the size of Myspace at this point, and Tom, now in an advisory role and not happy about the direction of the company, decided to head for the exit door.

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2011 Tom finds a new passion– Following an experience with photography at the 2011 Burning Man festival; Anderson’s interest in his own photography blossomed.  At the festival, Anderson began taking pictures that were good enough to continue shooting, particularly landscapes. You can learn more about what sparked his passion for photography here.


2012 Tom’s Twitter Burn– Life is grand for Myspace Tom, and he’s not afraid to show it. In a heated Twitter exchange over Instagram’s new terms of service in 2012, Anderson mocked the working class while touting the payout he and his fellow co-founders received when News Corp. acquired the social network in 2005.

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2013-2015 Tom’s Life of Luxury in Retirement– Despite his self-proclaimed retirement, he’s been attached to real estate ventures in Vegas and a Facebook gambling app called RocketFrog also backed by Brody Jenner and of course, taking epic photographs and living the dream during life after Myspace.


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