What’s Next for Google’s Algorithm?

google panda

It’s nothing new to hear Google is in the process of launching another algorithm update. After all, the famous Panda update has had an estimated twenty-five updates or more. It’s also nothing new to know that it is expected to take multiple weeks for this update to be completely launched. However, again we will wait in anticipation of what Google has to bring us next.

According to Search Engine Land’s article on the matter, “The update was announced by Matt [Cutts] on Twitter in response to a question about why some of the search results look spammy. Matt replied saying, ‘Yup we saw that. Multi-week rollout going on now, from next week all the way to the week after July 4th.'”

Don’t be too vague there, Mr. Cutts. Although Matt Cutts didn’t touch on exactly what this “multi-week rollout” will be bringing us, our best guess is that it is either going to be another Panda update, or perhaps something in response to the PayDay algorithm update.

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Sydney Banks

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