What’s New Online for the NFL?

There have been many changes for the National Football League (NFL) during the offseason. While many think of the rule changes and shuffling of players and coaches as the big news, there have been plenty of changes with regard to the Internet, as well. The biggest one is a revamping of the official league website, NFL.com.

customer-magnetism-football-mf186Home Page
Most notably, it has a new home page to woo both fans and those interested in Internet advertising on NFL.com. Potential advertisers can choose from different new packages to place ads on the redesigned page for maximum exposure. There are still links to each of the teams, and scheduled live chats with NFL experts and insiders. Video is now available from nearly any page on the website.

Internet Advertising

The NFL is also using well-placed advertising on its official website for several of its other ventures. The NFL Network schedule is one of its features, for example, so fans will know when to tune in to what.

There is new prime banner ad placement to promote other things, like its NFL Extra Points credit card. “Be a True Fan.” With its relaunch Sept. 1, there is a countdown ticker in the box on a page that offers rewards for official NFL merchandise and gift cards, exclusive offers and a card with your favorite team’s official logo on it.

Another top placed banner ad promotes Game Rewind so that fans can “relive every NFL game again and again.” Fans can click on the ad and sign up right away with a discount to boot.

One click on the NFL Mobile tab reveals a very simple, mobile-friendly layout with the most important elements on it, a stats bar at the top with all of the scores, a schedule, headlines, control over fantasy football accounts and – yes, plenty of clean and simple mobile-friendly advertising for companies trying to reach the football fan on the go.

Social Media
Aside from its website, the NFL is giving full attention to Internet advertising and social media marketing in a variety of ways. Commissioner Roger Goodell has his own Twitter account which he uses regularly. Most teams have official Twitter accounts, while others have resorted to Twackle.com feeds to create regular updates.
The NFL made a decision last August to allow players to participate on social sites such as Twitter and Facebook, as long as certain rules were followed.

Its social media policy created a public relations controversy last week when Cincinnati Bengal Chad Ochocinco was fined $25,000 for making posts on Twitter.com during the time frame restricted by league rules. Players are not allowed to make social media posts from 90 minutes prior to a game until the post-game interviews are complete.

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