What Does Your Website Say About You?

Do you have a fair amount of traffic that comes to your website but leaves without buying anything? There is probably a reason. When there is an investment of time or money involved, potential customers are looking at your website for information. You might have the services or products they are looking for, but that’s probably not enough. That’s just one piece of the puzzle. People want to know more about your company before they do business with you for the first time. What makes you special? Use your About Us page to tell them. Think of it as a resume of sorts. If your website doesn’t have an About Us page, you might consider adding one. If you already have one, take a moment to read it as if you’re a potential customer who has never seen it before. Would you do business with you?

Here are 5 things your About Us page should include – just to get you started.

1. Background – If you experience makes you special, be sure to tell people how long you have been in business. Outline your background.

2. Philosophy – Include some nuggets of information on why your business is better. Explain your philosophy. This is where you put your mission statement. If you don’t have one yet, create one.

3. Awards – Has your company been recognized for excellence? If you have, this is the place to let people know. List the name, date and sponsor of the award. Include a picture.

4. Staff – Talk about your staff. If you’ve got the best of the best, let people know. Highlight their accomplishments.

5. Location  – If you are looking for local traffic, this is important. As a national or international e-commerce site, people still want to know where you are. Nameless and faceless doesn’t build trust.

Once you’ve come up with some new ideas for your About Us page, make sure you share that information the best way possible. Make sure the puzzle piece fits with the rest of your website. If you’re not comfortable writing,  have a professional do it. Don’t forget to optimize the content for relevant keywords. It’s great to have information that people will read, but you want something people will see, too. With a well-written page that is properly optimized to be found on the search engines, you have a better chance of not only capturing an audience, but gaining new customers.

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  • there should be a contact us bar..by which user get connect to you who wants..and feedback bar should also be there ..so that users can submit their queries..