This Week on the Web: Facebook’s Fall, Gmail’s New Tabs, & Photo Comments for Pages

Let’s take a look-see at what happened on the web this week, shall we?


According to Gigya (social login tracker), Facebook is starting to fall behind as the leading social network, leaving room for Google and Pinterest to gain some traction if they make the right moves. We all know Google+ has been vying for Facebook’s title from the get-go, and as it continues to improve its user experience, we might actually see the day where G+ reigns.

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Speaking of Google, Gmail tabs might very well be the next big hurdle for marketers. The idea behind Gmail’s new tabbed inbox is to sort emails conveniently into “Primary,” “Social,” and “Promotions.” While as a user this may seem like the best thing since sliced bread, as a marketer: not so much. According to Matthew from MailChimp’s research, he sees some open rates dropping, but not too significantly yet.

A month ago, Facebook rolled out photo comments. We got a little prematurely excited about it because it wasn’t released to pages until recently, but now – we’re in action and ready to reply with something that’s worth a little more than words . . . Something worth a thousand words?

To end the week on a Happier note, check out this new social app geared towards happy updates, and only happy updates. While it may resemble and remind you of a similar social platform (Twitter. We mean Twitter.), app creator Nataly Kogan says this is different. “On Happier, you don’t need to brag about the best lattes of your life, you can just say you grabbed coffee for a few minutes.” Capture

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