This Week on The Web: New iPhones, Google+ Trying to Win Your Heart, and New Thumbnail Sizes for Facebook

As promised, your weekly web wrap-up!


We talked about Facebook making some moves toward auto-play ads soon, and it looks like they plan to make good on their word. They took another step toward auto-play ads coming to a newsfeed near you very soon. A select group of users got to be the guinea pigs on Thursday, hinting at an October time frame for the rest of us getting to see them.



What’s the point in creating great copy if it is visually uninspiring or unreadable? Copy needs a flair of design to it too, in order to be something great. Just the same, great design will only hold water if it’s got quality content.



New thumbnails yeahhhh! now-thisWe got pretty excited when  Facebook was like “you know what we’re tired of? Little tiny thumbnails next to link posts.” Us, too, Facebook. Us, too. Thanks for helping us all out!


G+ continues to to try to win your heart. Is it working yet? With it’s addition of automatic authorship attribution and embeddable posts, we’re definitely more intrigued!


It’s been two years now since Google introduced the dreaded “not provided” data (feels like forever). With the Adwords loophole Danny Sullivan describes here, do you think Google planned their “putting a price on privacy?”

New iPhoneS? Apple did something it had never done before (again). It released, for the first time in iPhone history, two iPhones at once. The iPhone 5 was completely replaced with the newest additions to the family: the 5C and the 5S.



The 5C is basically a more wallet-friendly iPhone 5, that is “unapologetically plastic,” according to Jony Ive. And the 5S stayed on par with the typical updates we see, keeping the same design as the 5, with minor updates to software. Although we did get some unexpected COLOR.



You can pre-order the iPhone 5C starting today to have it delivered next Friday, and the 5S will be available in stores next Friday. Will you be upgrading? If so, which Apple phone will you choose?

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