This Week On the Web: Flat Designs, Google Search Updates, and Facebook Becoming a Multi-Tool

What’s new in the world of the web?

Flat design has been all-the-rage in the design world lately. Even Apple has taken to incorporating it into its new software with the much-anticpated release of iOS 7 this fall. This collection of flat icon designs is enough to make anyone swoon.


This interview on content strategy is definitely worth a read. Before being a content strategist at Pinterest, Tiffani Jones Brown had the same job at nowhere other than FACEBOOK. Nbd.

Local restaurants: listen up!fbmobilepages909_320x245

Facebook is tapping OpenTable for new integration to mobile pages that will allow users to book tables at over 20,000 participating restaurants without ever having to leave the Facebook application. In addition, you’ll be able to look up movie times, book tickets, and see what’s playing. Facebook is striving to compete with Google to be a user-friendly, multi-platform resource for things people want most.


Did you know that people start to lose interest in a website if they don’t get a response within three seconds? THREE SECONDS. It just took you longer to read this sentence.




Your Google search is about to become much more personalized. With integration from your Gmail, you’ll be able to ask Google exactly what you want, and the information may be your own. What do you think of the new feature?




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Sydney Banks

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