Virginia Websites Focus On Green Activities

Earth Day is this week! To celebrate, CM will be blogging all week leading up to It, letting you know how you can help our planet both locally and via internet.

gogreenWith the celebration of Earth Day reaching its 40th anniversary this week, we are taking a little time away from our usual search engine optimization topics to focus on the green websites based in Virginia and our back yard of Hampton Roads.

One of the most prominent websites is Go Green Hampton Roads. It lists area businesses and organization that promote eco-friendly programs, products and services. Consumers can go online and find a list of industries, then select the type of business or service they are seeking. Some categories include restaurants, recycling and home improvement.

Another eco focused website is Virginia Green. This is a statewide partnership among the Virginia Hospitality and Tourism Association, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and the Virginia Tourism Corporation. It focuses on facilities and businesses that actively work to reduce the environmental impact in the state’s tourism industry. Travelers may use the website to find, as well as places to stop and spend the night or to pick up souvenirs or a meal while in Virginia.

Virginia Sustainable Building Network is dedicated to promoting environmentally friendly building and development practices in Virginia. They have information about green building training and certification for building design and construction, as well as facilities management.

For a networking effort from the seven cities of Southeastern Virginia, check out Hampton Roads Green Drinks. Although Green Drinks is the basic foundation for the website, it has a calendar of upcoming events for “all things green” in the Hampton Roads area. Also featured are links to other organizations, news stories and more.

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