Virginia Beach Teens Dumpster Dive

Earth Day is this week! To celebrate, CM will be blogging all week leading up to it letting you know how you can help our planet both locally and via internet.

Have you ever heard of “dumpster diving?” In case you haven’t, it’s the practice of sorting through typically commercial trash bins and dumpsters to find items that could still be considered useful (or even edible) to the ‘diver.’  Well, it has been suggested once or twice before by a co-worker or two that I may or may not be a hippie, and while the jury is still out on that verdict, I do have to admit that I know a few people who semi-regularly dumpster dive, and I can attest to the amount of ‘trash’ in those bins that isn’t trash at all. Now, a lot of times grocery stores are required by health codes, etc. to throw out produce and other packaged perishables on a certain date even if they aren’t expired, and I understand the need for those regulations.

However, there are tons of other items thrown away every day – not including food – that could easily be reused or recycled, and Project Green Teens in cooperation with Lynnhaven Middle School’s Environmental Club are going to show the public just how much is going to waste in our area this Earth Day.

the haul from a friends dumpster diving expedition - yum

the haul from friend Ted Packard's dumpster diving expedition - yum. . . ?

The two organizations are teaming up on this Thursday, April 22nd for a dumpster diving demonstration where they will sort and weigh recyclable items retrieved from the Lynnhaven Middle School trash bins (while wearing protective equipment, of course). With on-site community partners like TFC Recycling, the students will also be able to assess their current recycling efforts and learn how to improve the ways they can reduce, reuse, and recycle in the future.

The public is invited to come watch the project at 4PM or check out the results of the dive and just what exactly was found on the Project Green Teens’ website .

  • Renee

    maybe they can also ASSESS “their current recycling efforts.” 🙂

  • Renee

    Also, how awesome! Dumpster dving is a great way to make source of perfectly viable resources that are trashed; it’s also a great way of bringing attention to the kind of waste practices that all Americans fall in to. I’m sure millions of dollars worth of food and product are trashed every year! We could do so much with that much free feed.

  • Ha! Nice catch Renee. Something subconscious must have slipped through both me and spell check – we must just want everyone to get their “asses” in gear and recycle!

  • Ted

    Yum with an exclaimation ! That food was delicious and I should know.