Vine vs Instagram Just a Battle in a Larger War

A year after Facebook bought Instagram for 1 billion dollars, Facebook has revealed a video feature for Instagram in the last week: Instagram video! The war between Facebook and Twitter rages on, and after Twitter recently launched their Vine app, it looks like Facebook had to do something quick to keep Instagram competitive.So what is the natural response? Instagram video. Imitation is the best form of flattery right?

instagram-video-580Vine has grown rapidly with it’s six-second snippets of instant video viewing and Twitter has acknowledged 13 million user following since it’s release.  Since the recent release of the Android Vine app (previously Vine was only offered on iOS), its popularity was only expected to increase. However, what will happen now that Facebook and Instagram have turned up the heat on competition?

With the ability to post videos to Instagram (and then directly to Facebook), we can expect to see a lot more videos in our News Feeds, along with the usual juxtaposition of baby animals/humans and political rants we’ve become so accustomed to.

Facebook’s own video program via Instagram reveals new features and exciting developments, but what is it that will set this new application apart?

Instagram video comes equipped with the 13 filters it offers for photos as well as cover frames and image stabilization. Also, unlike Vine, Instagram is offering a 15 second window to shoot, rather than the limited 6 seconds offered through Vine.

Instagram video source:

The battle between Facebook and Twitter is nothing new, though. Twitter disabled Instagram previews, forcing users to click through to the site (at the annoyance of users), and Facebook doesn’t allow auto-play of Vine videos.

Who will win the video war? Are you going to stick to being a Vine user, or keep everything on one app and move your loyalty to Instagram video?

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Sydney Banks

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