Our Favorite Underrated Apps

We’re sure that more than likely you have Angry Birds in every version downloaded on your phone. But have you ever wondered what awesome apps you may be missing, just because you have never heard about them?

The best kinds of apps are the ones that make life easier, and frankly, better. So what are these need-to-have apps that you may or may not know about?

evernote logoEvernote. This one may not be underrated, considering it’s one of the most popular apps out there. However, it’s certainly one of the most useful. It’s a glorified note taker. It’s designed for notetaking and archiving and can store formatted text, full webpages, webpage excerpts, photos, voice memos, or a handwritten (typed) reminder. You can attach files, sort information into folders, and search for notes. It is free, unless you want the extended features and then it is $5 per month. Available on iOS and Android.

Feedly. Goodle Reader may have bit the dust, but Feedly has you covered. This is a news aggregator app, and it compiles the latest updates from all of your favorite sites, blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, and news sources you subscribe to. It’s free, and available on iOS and Android.

Sleep Cycle. So you’re not a morning person? Few are. Just download this app, and it will gently wake you when you’re in your lightest phase of sleep using motion sensors to detect your rest state. Pick a 30 minute window that you wish to be woken in and you’re good to go. Best $0.99 you’ll ever spend. Available on iOS only.

Wi-Fi Finder. There’s no beating around the bush here. You get what you see. Free Wi-Fi can be hard to locate, but Wi-Fi Finder will do just that: locate free Wi-Fi! Use its map to locate the nearest public locations for free Wi-Fi and find the Internet anywhere you go! It’s free, and available on Android and iOS.

Applause. If this blog post wasn’t enough for you and you’re hungry for more great apps, guess what? There’s an app for that. Applause is a web app that will rate apps based on user satisfaction and the quality, helping you find the latest and best tools for your every day needs. Free, and on your web browser.

What apps do you know of that are awesome yet underrated?

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Sydney Banks

Sydney Banks is one of the Social Media Coordinators at Customer Magnetism. She spends her days in the office strategizing social media content, managing ad campaigns, and generating reports. Away from work, she stays busy entertaining an active Golden Retriever and being a wife and mom. She is only slightly obsessed with Minions and it’s not unusual to see minion paraphernalia close by at all times.