More Twitter Updates Up Ahead!


News of the updates came Wednesday in a blog post from Twitter’s VP Kevin Weil explaining that native video shooting and editing, filters for surfacing relevant tweets, and updates to direct messaging are just on the horizon.

Aside from embedding videos on Twitter, users will now be able to record, edit, and post videos directly within the app making it a viable competitor with similar tools available on Instagram and Facebook. Considering Twitter is usually where most people flock to during live events, this update will help people get their stories out more easily in real time. Twitter is also hoping to simplify the trending search tool in order to make it “less of a chore” for users to find news. This tool will highlight the most important trends on twitter and will go way beyond just what is currently trending.

Ultimately, we believe there is something for everyone at any time on Twitter, and we want to make finding your niche simple from the start.

Finally, we all know Twitter’s Direct Messaging feature hasn’t been the most user friendly tool since it’s inception and Twitter wants to fix that. Users will soon be able to have discussions about tweets in private or public by transferring between the two feeds seamlessly. Another feature will soon be available for users to see tweets in their feed based on specific interest options that they have selected so you will see more tweets based on topics you’re interested in instead of the interests of the people you follow.


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Rachael Morrill

Social Media Manager at Customer Magnetism. Rachael helps brands reach their full potential through creative content strategies and out of the box social media campaigns. She loves writing about trending topics and is the first to show you that new viral video. She considers herself a pop culture savant, loves reading the news and has a slight obsession with pugs.