Twitter Rolls Out New Image Sharing Service

Sharing images online just got a bit easier. now allows users to add images directly to their tweets via a camera icon.

This new feature does three things for Twitter users.
•    Increases security. Reducing the number of platforms and applications that have access to a person’s account lowers the opportunity for security threats and hackers. When the image is downloaded, the user’s personal information in digital Exif data form, such as location, is not transferred to the post with the image.
•    Speeds up the process. The new image sharing service allows the user to access photos and images from the same machine they are currently using.
•    Eliminates tabs and separate windows. Users stay in Twitter to post an image without going to other sites. This is good news for those using mobile devices — maybe not so good for Twitpic and Yfrog.

The new feature is powered by Photo Bucket. While Twitter users can still use other applications to post their photos, one-stop image sharing is at least another option. This is significant, since Twitter reports its members post more than 200 million tweets per day, although no figures are available on the number of images tweeted.

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