A New Twitter Profile in 10 Seconds*

*actual time to create a new cover photo may vary. Either way, it’s really quick.

Twitter is rolling out a few major changes to their layout these days, and we can’t help but notice just how much it resembles Facebook’s old look. Luckily, there’s not much you have to do to adjust.

Most of the changes take care of themselves. You’ll see the bio and general info have moved to fit under the new, bigger profile photo (that’s right, a whole 400 pixels!). Displayed below on profiles other than yours are “followers you know,” and any photos and videos, while the trending topics have moved to the right side of the page. In yet another similarity to Facebook, Twitter will also introduce “pinned tweets,” which allow you to keep an important message at the top of your profile.

The biggest change to the layout is what makes it most like Facebook: the new cover image.

twitter template

As for the images in the timeline—because at this point it’s basically a Facebook timeline, right?—they’ll continue to be cropped, but with a little more real estate than before at approximately 530px by 263px, following the web-wide visual-heavy trend.

If all these dimensions are too much to remember, just download our Twitter profile template and always create images exactly the right size for your the new layout!

What do you think about Twitter’s updates? Do you think they’ve made the right move in modeling their new layout after an old iteration of Facebook?