‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – An Agency Tale


‘Twas the day before Christmas in agency land and a few weary souls showed up just as planned.

The computer screens glowed and the coffee it flowed, as the marketers dreamt of hitting the road.

Check email, check facebook, check email again. Check twitter and Snapchat and then Instagram.

Our stomachs they grumbled as we tried to ignore, the longing to be home with the ones we adore.

The clock struck 11, then 12 and then one. “Lunchtime!” we shouted! To our cars we did run.

By two we were back at our desks, bellies full; the looks on our faces let everyone know:

We do love our clients and help them we must, but just not today, IT’S ALMOST CHRIST-MAS!

Three turned to four and four into five, I checked in with sales to be sure they were alive,

A drowsy “still here” was met with a nod, and then it happened by the grace of God!

Up from his desk, our fearless leader stood, and he spoke with a smile; the news it was good!

Go home to your loved ones, he said to a cheer! Go on, you heard me, get outta here!

Before he could even finish his thought, the office was empty and the doors were all locked.

We all headed home full of joy and delight!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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Drew Friedrich

Drew is a Digital Marketing Strategist at CM. He's passionate about meeting new people, spending time with family and trying to wrestle the game of golf into submission. Monday through Friday he works with clients to discover how CM can support their marketing needs. On the weekends you can catch him chasing a curly-headed little kiddo, hanging with his wife and cheering for the Georgia Bulldogs, Duke Blue Devils or Green Bay Packers.

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  • Mickey Boyer

    As someone who got to know the CM guys and gals just a little, this is great and really does give a clear picture of the wonderful people at CM. Great work ethics but also great people.
    Merry Christmas to all from an old friend,

    Mickey Boyer