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Where do you go to find the latest and greatest of what is happening around the world? The news moves slower than social media does, so that’s where we went to find the most recent issues and give you our take on them. Our expert online marketing consulting panel of unique personalities, you will get a look into how the news and trends affect us here at Customer Magnetism.

This week’s panel consists of Tom, Aaron and Jake (that’s me). Tom is our Director of Project Managers and he runs this office with a plastic golf club (instead of a big stick). Aaron is our fearless President who happens to love Bon Jovi, they go hand-in-hand. And I’m Jake, that’s all you need to know.

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AdWeek just deemed MTV’s new spot as their ad of the day. Ambiguity pours from this add cleverly titled “Tagline Here”. MTV uses this ad to illustrate how fluid the programming is and therefore the brand can be, changing to whatever the future “isn’t not”. Could this be an easy and creative way for MTV to change their voice and brand or just laziness in defining what they stand for or what their identity is?

Tom: Was this an easy out? No. Was this a genius approach? Yes. Just as pop culture as a whole isn’t defined by any one thing (or tagline) – neither is MTV. By positioning itself as a mirror of reality, MTV can never be outdated or irrelevant – it’s a mere reflection of pop culture itself at any one point in time. Whether MTV can live up to this promise is yet to be determined, but as a goal to strive towards it’s incredibly smart.

Aaron: Seems like another example of so called “creative” ad junk. MTV must think that a majority of people like to be left saying “WTF”.

Jake: I think this idea may have taken a while to get to but once it was on the table, I would say it’s a no brainer. Having the ability to say that as a brand your voice and image can change as public popularity sees fit. The flexibility is most likely a breath of fresh air however now you have the task of staying on that cutting edge and knowing the trends before they even know themselves.


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first world ads

Fortune spoke this week about Google’s new stance on app install ads. In a recent blog, Google states that an app install ad that blocks a large amount of content “is not a good search experience and can be frustrating for users”. Does this show that Google is actually listening to its user’s behavior or is there a larger play in place?

Tom: It shows that Google is smart, and they recognize that Google will live and die by the experience they provide to searchers. Preserving a quality search experience is their number 1 priority. The minute that changes is the minute they begin to lose customers (and market share).

Aaron: Google will always do what they feel is best for their pockets.

Jake: This is the first of many changes to come that focus on small changes that will make a big difference. With Alphabet allowing Google to not be spread so thin, there is a real opportunity to see just what people’s pain points are and act on them in the search and mobile space. My advice for anyone with a website would be to keep your ear to the ground and be flexible so you don’t get railroaded by the Google’s changes.

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Marketing Profs boasts that it has the formula for trust in innovation – “[Discovery + Benefit + Integrity] ^ Engagement“. When you take a new view or approach and show the positive results your innovation brings you’re off to a good start. Getting people to engage with it is how lasting trust is formed. In your experience, what drives trust online and how can you apply that to clients across various industries? 

Tom: Building trust online is no different than building trust offline. Do what you say you will do, do it with excellence, and do it consistently. The consistency factor is the cornerstone of trust – a friend who knows you’ll be there to help every time has a level of trust that’s different from someone who will be there some of the time. The same is true when it comes to building trust between your brand and your customers online – you’ve got to deliver on your promises EVERY time. This is true when it comes to content, user experience, email response time, etc.

Aaron: To me, trust comes from valuable resources and personal experiences from those who are not always in the spot light.

Jake: Trust is gained over time. Being able to deliver on the promises and statements you make add up. That bleeds over in both offline and online spaces. Make it a point to grow a reputation of trust from the beginning by being active with your community and delivering when you say you will.

Tweet of the Week:

Our favorite tweets from the week

Tom: Rob Dyrdek is known by most as a funny guy who’s on TV. But he’s an incredibly successful entrepreneur, and has a passion for excellence that rivals most Fortune 500 CEOs. His enthusiasm is contagious, and this tweet is a perfect example of that.


Toms Tweet

Aaron: @BoingBoing


Jake: @SportsCenter


From brand logos to best practices for mobile search, many things have changed this week. I hope we have left you some insight on the online marketing trends from around the web but be sure to leave us some comments below and let us know what is the newest and truest in your life.

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Jake Barker

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Jake is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Customer Magnetism. When he is in the office you can find him brainstorming or creating content strategies with coffee in hand and various bags of chips at his desk. He also enjoys snowboarding and turn of the century pop punk.